employs MOLPay and Paypal as the online payment gateway for customers. itself does not process any credit card or banking process. Upon checkout, the customer will be directed to the secure payment gateway with the cart amount and details. From there, the payment process is started in the SSL encryption environment. You can notice that the page will be turned from “HTTP” into “HTTPS” when directed to the payment page. For example, to

SSL encrypted

Again, the payment page is not part of but is managed by a professional online payment provider instead. Both gateways have SSL encryption on the site where your information is highly secure with encryption technology.

MOLPay Payment Gateway

MOLPay is a Joint Venture between MOL and NetBuilder and now known as Razer. This gateway provides various choice of payment methods including visa, master credit or debit card, online bank transfer (banks in Malaysia), MEPs, FPX, Alipay, Webcash, Unionpay, Mobile Money, and Ezeelink. All of the transactions made within this website are processed using MolPay secure payment gateway that encrypts your card details in 256-bit SSL encryption environment. MolPay notified by Bank Negara Malaysia of Compliance with Section 5(3) of the Payment System Act 2003, PCI Data Security Standard Compliance, and 3D Secure verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode compliance. It makes the online payment much simple, convenient, and secure. Similar gateway (iPay88) was used by Groupon and other online shopping sites.

This gateway is the first choice for Malaysian customers because it provides a local bank transfer option to customers. However, it is less famous for international customers because their service was available only in Malaysia and Singapore.


Paypal is the world-famous online payment gateway. It accepts credit and debit cards internationally. Alternatively, if you have registered a Paypal account, you can choose to pay with a Paypal balance. All sensitive information during the payment processing is encrypted and protected with 168 bits SSL encryption environment. Paypal also provides an express checkout option which makes the shopping much faster and simple. In addition, you are not required to register a PayPal account if you just wish to pay and leave.

However, this gateway limits the payment method to credit/debit card and Paypal balance. It is less popular for Malaysians. For international customers, it is the best choice for online payment because Paypal is an international corporation.