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Unique Highlights

  • Better care for women health: Motherwort essence extract fibre to promote body's micro-circulation and resolve most common women health issue due by menstrual.
  • Always Dry: Instantaneous absorption surface, non-leaking, and moisture lock. 
  • Super comfortable: with ultra-breathable base film.
  • Better absorption: Super-absorbent gel (the material in diaper) instead of traditional cotton.
  • Reduce odour: Anion and far-infrared antibacterial featuring with the motherwort fibre.
  • Anti-contaminate packaging: Individually pack and seal package that avoid contamination.


Xin Ru Yi (馨如意)

**Price are the same for all pad types, difference only in the quantity per pack

Guideline on usage and purchase

  • We recommend to purchase 1 pack each of day use, night use, and mini for the first trial. 
  • Since the absorption of the pad is superior than cotton sanitary pads in the market, it usually don't require to change the pad frequently.
  • After a few trial, you may find your best combination to save more on pads by efficiently selecting the pad type.


The benefits of motherwort include being a cooling and relaxing nervine that is commonly used for the physical and emotional heart. It has long been a beloved herb for women with stimulating properties that additionally support the uterus, the kidneys, and digestion.

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Motherwort Essence Sanitary Napkins Pads with Wings

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