Local shipping (West Malaysia)

Local shipping within Peninsular Malaysia is entitled to free shipping for an order amount greater or equal to RM50. Otherwise, you will be charged RM7 per kg.

Our fulfillment process is carried out on working days only. We will try our best to ship your order ASAP.

In the case of shipment loss, compensation will be made by the courier at a maximum of RM100 per parcel. The full amount of compensation can only be applied if the parcel was covered by additional insurance. To have the parcel insured, the customer needs to pay an extra 10% of the parcel’s total amount. This paid amount is not refundable.

Local shipping (East Malaysia)

The shipping rate to East Malaysia is RM19.50 per kg.

Singapore Shipping

The shipping rate to Singapore is RM40 per kg.

Volumetric VS gross weight

Volumetric weight is a courier weight calculation method base on volume whereby the gross weight is the actual weight of the package. Volumetric weight is calculated by dividing the package volume in cubic cm (length x width x height) with 5000. Either volumetric or gross weight will be chosen depending on which one is higher. For example, if the package’s volumetric weight is 0.74kg and the gross weight is 0.5kg, volumetric weight will be chosen and shipping cost will be charged according to volumetric weight (0.74kg).

Typical time frame

We do not guarantee the delivery time because it is varied by several factors such as location, courier efficiency in a particular area, courier delay. We will try our best to ship it ASAP and the estimated delivery time could be within 2-10 days.