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  • 3-Ply KN90 Face Mask (Wholesales)


1) Where is it made of?

It is made in China

2) Where is it ship from?


3) How many ply?


4) Medical or Civil grade?


5) What is the difference between Medical and Civil Face Mask?

The medical-grade face mask is for the medical team usage, Civil grade is for citizen usage. They are made of the exact same material and number of ply. The price of the medical-grade mask is more expensive and rarely used by citizens. What you can buy from the market are all civil grade, for example, surgical mask, protective mask, etc. are all civil grade. The medical-grade mask is more expensive because it has to go through extra packaging procedures like UV light and Chemical spray. It is not suitable for a long time or daily usage because it has chemical particles on the mask. 

6) What is the safety grade of the mask?


7) Is it a quality mask?

Yes, samples were tested by the authority and comply with GN2626-2006 and KN90 safety grades. 

8) How long I need to wait after payment?


9) How long will this price last?

We can't guarantee the price, it could change from time to time, but we will try our best to sell at the wholesales price.

10) How many can a person purchase?

No limit, as long as we have stock

11) Why 3-ply, not 1-ply or 2-ply?

The 3-ply face mask is proof to be useful to block the transmission of the coronavirus through body fluid like sneeze or cough. In comparison to 2-Ply & 1-Ply, the 3-Ply mask has an extra middle layer of protection which can block 99.7% particles. This layer is not available in the 1-Ply or 2-Ply face mask. 

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3-Ply KN90 Face Mask (Wholesales)

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