Why don’t I get an order confirmation email?
Some email clients such as Gmail and Hotmail would drop our emails into the spam/junk folder. Please check in this folder, and be sure to add our email address to your contact.

Can I use Alcohol with the Nano and Mini Atomizer 3.0?
Yes, you can. The ULV atomizers don’t heat the chemical like the old type of spray gun. Please avoid spraying on fire or electric-powered devices because Alcohol could catch fire fast.

Can I use Alcohol with the ULV Atomizer 2.0 (Big machine)?
Alcohol or flammable liquid is dangerous to spray on a large scale. Imagine you accidentally spray on a spark in the room, though the premise will catch fire immediately. Therefore, please use a nonflammable chemical with the ULV atomizer, such as the chlorine-based disinfectant.

How long is the charging time?
Both Nano and Mini atomizers come with a USB cable. The charging time depends on the USB port, but it is not the cable itself. Let says you’re charging it with a fast-charge charger (2A output); the charging time could be 1-2 hours. If the power output is 1A, the time could be double. If the USB port is sharing power with other USB ports, let’s say you’re using a USB tower, the charging time is much longer.

Why my Nano Atomizer 3.0’s nozzle is white instead of transparent?
As stated in the product description under the nozzle section, the nozzle could be white or transparent. Both are the same ULV nozzle that delivers fine mist.