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Are You Sick & Tired Of Cleaning Up Cat Litter?

Save Time, Money, Floors and Furniture from Stray Cat Litter!

 Keep your house clean and odor free. Waterproof mat automatically catches your kitty’s litter, keeping your hard floors, carpets, clothes, sofas and beds clean and odor free.

 Save time. No endless vacuuming, sweeping and wiping trying to clean up smelly litter from around your home.

 Save money. Simply open the mat and pour unused litter back into the tray. No more waste!

 30-day guarantee. Love it or your money back.

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 We sell only the NEW & IMPROVED LARGER FOLD-ABLE cat mats with the opening in the middle to avoid litter falling out not like other stores which sell the smaller mats.

Makes your life easier!

You love having your kitty around the house, but the smelly litter they scatter around leaves such a mess and can damage your floors. Not just around the litter tray, but where you sit, sleep and eat too.

The Water Proof Cat Litter Mat traps litter before it hits the floor or spreads to other rooms, allowing you to simply pour the unused litter straight back in to the litter tray, saving time, money and hassle.                                                    


How does it work?

The durable “paw cleaning” silicone tray “wipes” your cat’s paws clean and traps litter inside the mat as they leave the litter box, stopping it from  damaging floors, carpets and other surfaces

Locks more litter!

Unlike other mats, the Large and X—Large sizes provide full coverage to catch all the litter, so it stays where it belongs and keeps your whole house clean and odor free.


Easy to Clean & Maintain

Simply fold the two layers and dispose the locked litter back to the litter box. Save money on litter and save time sweeping, vacuuming and wiping floors.

The silicone surfaces also make it easy to clean the tray with warm water in a few quick wipes. No more harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing.

Waterproof/Urine proof Layer

Smelly urine can’t penetrate the bottom layer of the mat, which means your floors stay clean and odor free.

It's the only cat litter mat you'll need

  • Durable: It won’t tear or crack when you shake it or wash it. It'll even survive the most ferocious cat claws! But still feels soft and cozy for your cat.
  • BPA-free: Keep your kitty safe from dangerous chemical toxins found in cheaper litter mats.
  • Non-Slip: Strong grip silicone material means the mat won’t slip, no matter who steps on it. The mat stays put, even if your cat doesn’t!

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Cat Liter Mat

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