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Shaping stockings for casual wear.

  • Shapes legs, lifts buttocks, and slims down stomach.
  • 7 variable pressure sections that contours lower body.
  • Helps to burn fat and improves blood circulation.
  • Comfortable and durable material that does not bind or pinch.
  • Available in brown or black.


Product specifications

  • Model: MEIERTING 680D
  • Material: nylon and spandex
  • Size: S, M, L, and LL. Click here to refer to size chart
  • Colour: black or brown
  • Thickness: thick (high pressure) or thin (lower pressure)
  • Styles: pantyhose or ankle-length
  • 7-section variable pressure design
  • Far infrared thread imported from Italy



PH: Pantyhose

AL: Ankle Length


As seen on Groupon:

As seen on Groupon: Leg Shaping and Contouring Stockings




It is available in 2 thickness (thick/thin), 2 styles (Pantyhose/Ankle-length), and 2 colors (Black/Brown). Generally, thick model have higher pressure than thin model, therefore, it provide better effectiveness. Thin model is easier to wear due to lower pressure. It is recommended to have both thickness for different occasions.


* Please specific the code and size in redemption.



Who is suitable?

For the crowd



Slimming as you go with 5X calorie burning!

This shaping stocking is not only shaing your leg, but it is also burning calorie as you go! It is ideal to shape and slim your leg.



The fashion

Wearing a shaping leg stocking is not only to shape leg, but it is also a fashion popular in many countries.



10X durable

Adopt the world class material from Italy which prolong the life span of each stock by 10 times compare to the normal stocking



Far infrared sew thread

Far infrared is a non visible light which wavelength is between 4~14 micron. It has the ability to resonate with body cell which then enhance our immune system, improve bloood circulation, anti-fatigue, and ability to keep warm. Meierting only adopt the best quality far infrared sewing thread from Italy to maximize the effectiveness and comfortability.



7 sections of pressure variable design

The stocking is designed with 7 sections of variable pressure which to ensure the shaping is in right shape. At the same time, it provides better comfortability to user although it is tight.



German Technology

Adopt the world leading sewing machine production from MERZ and Lonati which can ensure the 7 sections of sub-pressure is achieved accurately and precisely in the stock production.



R&D laboratory

Research and development works are done in lab to ensure the quality, comfortability, and safety are up to standard.



High effectiveness



Beware of fake and low quality product

Wearing a fake or low quality stocking will cause uncomfortability and might shape the leg into unwanted shape. It must be selected carefully.



Durable material

Even though the stocking is cut, the cut area will not propagate.



Size Chart


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Leg Shaping and Contouring Stockings

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